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Basic Glacier Climbing Course

Want to learn some basic climbing skills? Looking to have fun in the mountains and make new friends?
  Glacier Climbing
Photo © Seth Pollack
Announcing the Basic Glacier Climbing Course. This course will provide the instruction of glacier travel skills that you will need to climb the big volcanoes of the Cascades. Also the course will introduce you to a fun and friendly climbing community. If you are a hiker, backpacker or gym climber dreaming of new heights, the Bushwhacker Glacier Course is a great start!


The course consists of Tuesday evening lectures, plus four field trips - see schedule below.

  Glacier Climbing
Photo © Seth Pollack
There are two sections, each section composed of six students, assistants and one instructor. Each section has its own outings, but both sections share the evening lectures. The lectures are from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Location TBD.
The first outing is a day outing in the mountains.  The second field trip is a full-day outing. The third field trip is an overnighter. The fourth field trip is four days and three nights in the mountains. The four-day field trip features a summit climb attempt of Mt Baker. All field trips require full days of activity.

Course Application and Registration

Applications for our glacier course are taken in February. Applicants that are chosen will register first week of March.  Applicants not chosen will be placed on wait list.  There is a wait list every year.

Cost of the Course

The course costs $375. In addition, club membership is required, which costs $35.  Students will provide their clothing and food and transportation.  The club will provide group gear such as tents and ropes.

Status of the Course

The club is offering the course in 2019! Applications will be accepted in February. Stay tuned for more details.

2019 Basic Glacier Climbing Course Schedule

Here is the schedule from the previous course left here for your information. The course pretty much follows this routine every year. We always deliberately avoid the Memorial Day weekend.

The Basic Glacier Course includes Tuesday night lectures throughout May and June. Outings are every other weekend in May and June.
Here is the 2019 schedule.
April 30
Introduction, Physical Conditioning
May 4 Field Outing I (Team 1), Team Building
May 5 Field Outing I (Team 2), Team Building
May 7 Gear I
May 14 Navigation with Map & Compass
May 18 Field Outing II (Team 1), Snow Travel Skills
May 19 Field Outing II (Team 2), Snow Travel Skills
May 21 Gear II
May 28 Roped Travel & Gear III
June 1-June 2 (Team 1 & 2) Field Outing III, Roped Travel Skills, overnight
June 4 Hazard Recognition & Avoidance, Glaciology
June 11 Prusik Practice, Team 1 Pack Check
June 13-16 Field Outing IV, Glacier Travel Skills (Team 1)
June 18 Team 2 Pack Check
June 20-23 Field Outing IV, Glacier Travel Skills (Team 2)
June 25
Course Completion Graduation Night

Header photo graciously donated by Stephen Matera Photography.