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Glacier Skills Refresher

The Glacier Skills Refresher is a popular outing for those club members that have completed the Basic Glacier Climbing Course or equivalent. This is a fun day in the mountains practicing important snow and glacier climbing skills.
The outing consists of practice for the following skills: self-belay, team arrest, initial response to crevasse fall, and direct-pull crevasse rescue. The outing also provides an opportunity to get to know fellow club members while preparing for the coming climbing season.


 Note that this is not a basic climbing course, but rather a practice outing for those that have learned these skills already. You must have completed the Bushwhacker Basic Glacier Climbing Course or equivalent.


 There is no cost but these outings are for members only. Priority for GSR is given to existing members.

Status of the Course

 GSR's are offered periodically.

Header photo graciously donated by Stephen Matera Photography.