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Club Outings

The club is pleased to offer outings to members.  This is an opportunity for our members to hike, climb and socialize together.  Outings have included a wildflower hike, club climbs of Mount Rainier, and a day of top-roped rock climbing.
Club outings are for members only.  There is no club fee for these activities. See About the Club > Policies  for the policies governing club outings.
Note that club outings are organized and facilitated by fellow club members and are not guided trips.  All participants are responsible for their own actions and well-being.
Club-sponsored outings that are not overseen by another organization (such as a first aid or avalanche class) and are not "inbounds" (as in a ski area) require pre-approval by the Board. These outings also require that at least one of the participants has been Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or higher level certified within the last 3 years.
Outing Proposal Form

Thinking of organizing a club outing?

  1. Dream it.
    Decide the type of outing you wish to lead, such as a scramble, roped climb, day hike, or multi-day glaciated climb.

  2. Plan it.
    - Read our Club Outing Policy.
    - Complete the outing proposal form.
    - Email the completed outing proposal to Bushwhacker Board of Directors for review and approval.
    - Once approved, email the club to announce the outing and find participants.
    - Finalize the outing participants and send final participant list to your board assigned outing point of contact.

  3. Do it.
    - Coordinate club gear pickup with the Board of Directors, if necessary.
    - Coordinate outing details, including morning rendezvous and carpools, with your team.
    - Before you get out of cell reception, send a picture of all car license plates that will be parked at the trailhead to your outing point of contact.
    - Once back to the trailhead, send your outing point of contact a message of your safe return.
    - Have a post-outing dinner and debrief. What went well, what could have gone better!

Header photo graciously donated by Stephen Matera Photography.