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Club Outing Policies

These rules apply to official club sponsored outings.
  • All participants must be current club members.
  • All participants must have a signed liability release on file.
  • Technical outings require all participants have completed the applicable club course or its equivalent (equivalent is determined by the Board).
  • As a minimum requirement, all club outings must have at least one participant that has completed WFA within the last three years.
  • The outing leader has the final decision on who goes on the outing.
  • Pets are not permitted on club outings.
  • Private "non-club" outings may not borrow safety-related club gear.
  • All official club outings should be announced to the entire club.
  • All official club outing leaders should submit the club outing form to the Board at least two weeks prior to the outing.
  • Every official outing should share at least one photo post-outing.
  • All scramble outings must have at least 3 participants.
  • All glacier travel must have at least 6 participants.*
*Exceptions will be approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis.

Club Course Policies

In addition to outing policies, these rules apply to club courses.
  • No drugs or alcohol during class sessions.
  • No drugs or alcohol on course outings (the outing is over when everyone returns to the cars/trailhead).

Club Email Listserve Policies

  • Anyone is allowed to join the club email listserve and receive messages, but only current members are allowed to post messages to the listserve.
  • No solicitation is allowed on the club email listserve without Board approval.

Header photo graciously donated by Stephen Matera Photography.