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Snow Shelter Clinic

Come join us for a fun and enlightening outing. We will forego the tents in favor of building snow shelters. We will practice the fine art of building a cozy shelter for one or two. Then for the ultimate test, we get to spend the night in a shelter of our own creating - now how often do you get a chance like this?
We’ll be demonstrating and assisting with the construction of the T-type snow cave (better for steeper slopes) and the A-frame trench shelter (best on flatter ground). No prior experience is required.
This is an important skill to know if you are venturing into the back country in the winter, and the venerable Brad Washburn considered it a crucial skill for Alaska Range mountaineering.

More Information

Get more information about the outing, including destination, required gear, and other expectations by emailing us at bwcc_information "at"

Status of the Course

The snow shelters clinic is offered periodically.

Header photo graciously donated by Stephen Matera Photography.